If you are a skilled contractor consider joining the TIF supply installer network.

We are on the lookout for electricians, plumbers, general contractors, and other professionals to install our products at customer’s home. Here’s how it works. We promote our products through multiple channels including our website, Interested customers contact us for a free consultation on the phone and, if often we visit their home. This ensures the customer gets exactly what they need and expect. Occasionally, the customer will do their own install, but usually they want a professional to do the work. So, when we make a sale to a customer in your area, we contact you to do the instillation, and you get paid for the work. Here’s the kicker for you. You can make more sales of your own in our affiliate-program. You have your customers and you are in homes every day. This gives you the opportunity add sales to your existing customers. When you sell one of our products you make ever more money by selling the product and doing the installation. Think about the cost of truck role. To visit a customer, you need to drive your truck to their home and this ride costs money and time. But if you have an add on sale, this increases revenue without any additional truck role cost. You can maximize every trip. Sometimes, TIF supply customers will request our installers to do some additional work while you are at the home. You are free to take this add on work, and all profits, also without any additional truck role cost. Call or email us if you are interested. (203) 626-2399 [email protected]