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Welcome to TIFSupply.com’s blog. I am your host, Steven Levine. Most people call me Steve and some call me Cool Steve. I created this company to help people improve their homes and their lives. We offer you home improvement products that serve to protect your family and home from avoidable injury and damage.

Our Mission

We specialize in “smart home” products that stand guard against fires, plumbing floods, and other emergencies.

About Me

I am driven by an intense curiosity to continually learn about new technology, trends, ideas, and world views. I enjoy collaborating with others to solve problems, identify and create new opportunities, and make the world a better place.

My career was full of various experiences and helped me to make steps forward where I am now.

My first job after college was Price Waterhouse, and ultimately PwC, as an Auditor. Then I became a Tax Professional. I then joined the Learning and Development group wher I was an instructor, course writer, and manager for a couple of years. And became a senior member of the team of technology and business people tasked to design, build, and roll out the Firm’s first client-facing enterprise portal in the early 2000s. Eighteen years total at the Firm.

Then I worked at Cadbury Schweppes, as a director, leading Knowledge Management programs for several departments while also developing and evolving a program creating a learning organization for this global company.

I was involved in various consulting projects including, helping several startup companies get organized and operating, and always supporting family and friends.

And Now TIFsupply.com!

Sufficient to say, my career thus far, has covered a lot of ground, and I have enjoyed it all

Ever since I was a boy, I was always fascinated with knowing how everything worked. This interest started with the home I lived in. My parents bought a starter home in Fairfield, CT shortly after my birth, and then, a few years later, they had a new home built about a mile away. My mother brought me to the construction site often, and I wanted to see everything. I loved talking to the builder and his crew. They were all very nice to me. The builder even let me sit on his lap and drive the giant tractor.

From that point forward, if a contractor or repair person stepped foot in that house, I was watching. I’d ask questions about what they were doing and why they were doing it. I wanted to know about the tools they used and why. Most were receptive and were happy to explain and sometimes I was able to help based on my knowledge of the house and its systems. My Dad still asks me question about that house when new work is done.

We were the first house completed in a block of six new houses, so I got to watch the building of the other five. I also lead my friends in an effort to build a multi-story tree house in the backyard connecting four different trees. I even added some lighting to the tree house (we always disconnected it from the power source when we were not present).

To this day, when there is a contractor in my home, I always watch and ask questions, and sometimes provide input into the job. I still love to tinker around the house.

Even in my early career as an accountant I always gravitated to the industries that build tangible things. I have been inside many industrial facilities that manufacture all sorts of parts and products always making time to talk with the line workers and the engineers. I also did a lot of work in the real estate industry understanding how structures are built and the different materials used — knowing how thing work made me a better accountant.

Even in the Consumer-Packaged Goods business, I did not hesitate to ask questions and understand how the products were manufactured and packaged including the food safety protocols. One of my favorite things to do was to visit the Science and Technology Lab and speak with the food scientists.

I like to dream up new products and processes. So, currently, I spend a lot of time looking for new products or trying to invent new products and bring them to you on TIFsupply.com.

I will continue to tell the stories behind the new products via this blog

Stay tuned!

Please contact me if you have a new product that you would like me to write about, promote, and offer for sale. It can be one you have created. Or, just one you like, and I will try to source it and write about it on TIFSupply.com. Or I would also love to hear from you if you have a need that you would like me to fill. Or just ask me a question.


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