Prevent the fire in your kitchen with this amazing Fire Avert product

  • Steve 
How fire avert looks when installed

Today, I decided to tell you about another product I found for your home. It is Fire Avert Electric and Gas Stove Shut Off Prevents Fires.

I was very excited to find the Fire Avert product. Unattended cooking ranges are the #1 cause of home fires in the US, so electric stove safety products are the must have for any kitchen. I have always thought there should be a way to stop a stove fire without human intervention. So, when I found Fire Avert, I immediately contacted the manufacturer and made a deal to offer this to our customers.

Fire Avert was invented by firefighters, professionals dedicated to saving lives. So, I was confident in its design. I carefully asked them questions about this stove fire prevention product and they had all the right answers.

Fire Avert stove guard is easy to install on any electric or gas stove.

Lot’s more to come, so please check back often.

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