water and fire


Water is a pure substance. Those two little hydrogen atoms and that big oxygen atom stick together to form a substance that can only be called water. It is nothing else. From the surface down to its very essence, it is water. Water can present itself as a liquid, a solid, and a gas.

We All Need Water To Survive

Some observers have estimated that a person can survive approximately 10 days without a drink of water.

There is no perfect answer to this question, but consider some factors that will impact your daily water intake needs.

  • Age and health status
  • Level of activity
  • How hot is it

Water Balance Is Necessary

When water is expelled, we need to intake water to replace

It by drinking, and consuming certain foods with water content

Water And Food Sources

We also need water to grow food and raise animals for food. 

You might be surprised by how much water it takes to grow and make our food. In the US, agriculture is responsible for 80 percent of all water consumed

872 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of wine.

28 gallons of water needed for 12 fluid ounces of beer and

Chicken at 518 gallons of water per pound

    Corn, takes 73 gallons of water to produce just one ear.

    Avocado, which requires 70 gallons for just one buttery fruit.

   One artichoke alone takes 147 gallons to grow.

Other Uses Of Water

We use water to clean our bodies, our homes, and other things.

Water is also used as a coolant and to extinguish fires.

Water is called the “universal solvent” because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid.  Water molecules have a polar arrangement of the oxygen and hydrogen atoms—one side (hydrogen) has a positive electrical charge and the other side (oxygen) had a negative charge

So, water is an important element of life.  Without I we cannot survive.

Some More Statistics

How many people die of thirst every year? Unfortunately, that is an impossible question to answer, but observers have provided the following estimates.

  • Almost 1 Billion on our planet don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water and proper sanitization. That’s one in every eight of us.
  • 4,100 children die every day from diseases caused by contaminated water. That’s huge. That’s approximately one child every 21 seconds.
  • 80% of all global diseases are water-borne and result from drinking contaminated water. These diseases kill more than 2.2 million people every year.

Water And Is Necessary To Life, But Here Are The Dangers And Risks And Some Products To Protect Yourself

A water leak in your home can be very damaging.  Imagine coming home to find your floor soaking wet and the beginnings of a swimming pool in your basement.

This can be caused by a plumbing failure, a frozen and broken pipe that is now thawing, an overflowing sink that had the water left on by accident.

A flood could also be caused as a result of a failure of a sump pump or, a leaky boiler or hot water heater.  All Hot water heaters leak eventually. Leaks can occur in the bathroom, by the clothes washer, by a refrigerator that makes ice and cold water.

You may also be away for a few days and the combination of a failure in your roof and a heavy rain storm can cause significant damage to you home.

If water gets into your walls, mold can grow, which is bad for your health.

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Guardian Leak Detector and Automatic Water Main Shut Off.  This product could save you thousands of dollars

Can we Survive without Fire?

Probably not

We need fire to cook food and fire can release nutrients and kill bacteria (Sterilization).

Most electricity is generated by using fire (burning oil, gas, coal, or wood).  The burn crates heat which turns water into steam and steam turns the generator and the output is electricity.  The steam can also be created by a nuclear reaction.  And of course, green electricity can be made via solar and wind.

Electricity can also be created by “Water” flow from fast moving rivers and at places where a dam has been built.  The fast-flowing water turns the generator that creates the electricity.

We use fire to forge metal, glass, and plastic. We also use fire to keep warm in the winter and to make hot water all year round by burning oil, gas, coal, or wood. We can also make heat with electricity, which usually comes from fire.

Fire Is Necessary In Our Lives But Here Are The Dangers And Risks And Some Products To Protect Yourself

  • Most home fires start on the kitchen stoves that have been briefly left unattended. 71% of fires in in homes were caused by ovens and stoves?
  • Faulty electrical wiring and equipment and lighting
  • Faulty heating and cooling systems
  • Smoking
  • Candles
  • Barbeques
  • Curious children
  • Mishandling of flammable liquids
  • Incorrectly stored batteries, old or new
  • Christmas Tree fires
  • Home computers and other electronic devices and appliances have even been known to cause fires

A fire can destroy your home very quickly and can cause physical harm to you and your family.  And don’t forget that the smoke is toxic and can cause damage to lungs, eyes, and other parts of the body

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