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Beautiful and secure house

Welcome new homeowner: it’s time to secure your property

After reading this post, you may want to also read my post “Smart home technology and the internet of things (IoT): risks and rewards to consider.” Congratulations, you just closed on your new home or rented an affordable Milwaukee apartment. The first thing you should do is change the locks. You have no way of knowing who may have a key to your house. The prior owner may have given a key to a neighbor,… Read MoreWelcome new homeowner: it’s time to secure your property »
How fire avert looks when installed

Prevent the fire in your kitchen with this amazing Fire Avert product

  • Steve 
Today, I decided to tell you about another product I found for your home. It is Fire Avert Electric and Gas Stove Shut Off Prevents Fires. I was very excited to find the Fire Avert product. Unattended cooking ranges are the #1 cause of home fires in the US, so electric stove safety products are the must have for any kitchen. I have always thought there should be a way to stop a stove fire… Read MorePrevent the fire in your kitchen with this amazing Fire Avert product »

Welcome to TIFSupply.com’s blog

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Welcome to TIFSupply.com’s blog. I am your host, Steven Levine. Most people call me Steve and some call me Cool Steve. I created this company to help people improve their homes and their lives. We offer you home improvement products that serve to protect your family and home from avoidable injury and damage. Our Mission We specialize in “smart home” products that stand guard against fires, plumbing floods, and other emergencies. About Me I am… Read MoreWelcome to TIFSupply.com’s blog »