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Foundation Crack and Leak Repair Products and Services

This can be a DIY project and we can provide with everything you need to the do the work yourself.  We can also provide a professional to complete the repair. Do you have a crack in your basement foundation wall that allows water to leak into your basement? Don’t worry, this is very common and we can fix it.

We have a cost-efficient way to fix it for you and it can be done in one day without bringing in expensive heavy equipment.

We start by cleaning up the crack and the concrete around it.

We then inject polyurethane foam into the crack using specialized tools.

The polyurethane foam actually expands to fill the entire crack from inside the basement all the way to the outside wall.  This is not a simple surface repair that will fail over time. Don’t worry if there is some water in the crack when we make the repair.  The polyurethane foam actually needs the water to activate, and if it is dry on repair day, we will actually spray water in the crack.

wall crack which can be fixed by TIF supply team

These cracks develop due to initial settling of the foundation or natural shrinkage of the concrete within a few months after being poured. These cracks tend to be thinner, anywhere from 1/8″ to hairline. While they can occur anywhere in the foundation, they usually form around an opening, such as windows or doors. These cracks may be vertical or diagonal. These cracks allow in water and soil gases, including radon, which can affect the home’s indoor air quality.

When repairing cracks it is important to realize you are not just stopping an annoying puddle on the basement floor. Cracks left unattended have the potential to grow longer and wider, creating a possible structural problem in the foundation. Cracks that leak water allow moisture into our homes which leads to mold growth. Even if the crack is not visibly leaking water, it can still be allowing in dangerous soil gases like radon directly into your home. According to the EPA, radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and a serious health risk to a home’s ecosystem.

The low-pressure injection of polyurethane properly fills cracks in the foundation and prevent further water entry.

Don’t overpay! 

Some contractors will offer to chisel out the crack and use hydraulic cement to fix it.  This may work for a little while, but the hydraulic force of the water eventually is so strong, and is too much for the patch to hold.

There are lots of basement companies that will likely offer all kinds of solutions to this including digging on the outside and patching the crack from there, and then going further by applying a waterproofing membrane.  This will likely solve your leak problem, but will cost a lot more than the polyurethane foam.

wall crack in the basement can be fixed by tif supply