Guardian leak detector set for your home protection from flooding

Guardian Leak Detector and Automatic Water Main Shut Off.


Guardian Leak Detector and Automatic Water Main Shut Of. No tools needed to install and it works with water main pipes from ½” to 1”. Works with Copper, PEX, PVC

A water leak and flood in your home can cause $100,000 or more in damages and It can happen to you! Guardian Leak Detector and Automatic Water Main Shut Off will protect your home. Sensors are placed in the bathroom, by the clothes washer, in the kitchen, near the hot water heater. Anywhere a water leak can occur. Multiple types of sensors available depending on the application. 

The Sensors, Detects as little as two drops of water, are placed near toilets, refrigerators, water heaters, and most other appliances and fixtures including by a sump pump. If any sensor comes into contact with water, the senor will immediately send a signal to the water main and SHUT OFF THE WATER! 

The system will also notify you on your smartphone where the leak is and that the water is now shut off. There is even a sensor that detects if the Temperature in your home has dropped to an unsafe level, notify you, and SHUT OFF THE WATER! 

Connects to a standard electrical outlet. Just plug it in. 

A battery backup is also available The Leak Detector includes a 15-year battery, and you will receive an alert when the battery runs low.

 Waterproof Housing and you can be re-use your Leak Detectors (the sensor) even after a leak – its waterproof housing protects it from water damage. 

The Leak Detectors communicate directly with the Valve Controller over the air up to 1000’ away.

Guardian leak detector device to protect you from floods
sensor to detect leaks at your home
  • Remote Access: Shut off the water and receive notifications right on your smartphone.
  • Easy Interface: The simple, intuitive interface lets you get on with your life and focus on what matters.
  • Activity Log: Search through a log of events to see when something happened in your home, either for yourself or insurance purposes.
  • Weather Alerts: Receive notifications when severe weather conditions are headed your way.

The Guardian tests your valve once per week to ensure performance by exercising the water main Valve. Exercise means the act of closing off and re-opening the water main shut off Valve because in most houses it is almost never turned Off.

At some point, corrosion can build up and result in a malfunction of the valve. Imaging trying to manually shut off Water main in an emergency and the valve gets stuck. Now you are not having a good day.

Most homeowners are not aware that they should exercise their water main shutoff periodically, but with Guardian, it now is automatic and you are ready for an emergency. No Tools Needed: The Valve Controller installs out of the box, with no tools – hand-tighten the clamps to secure everything to your valve. You don’t need a special valve or tools to use Guardian – just a standard quarter-turn ball valve.

Ball Valve is closed with ¼ turn (in an emergency you want to shut if quickly) When the handle of a ball valve is parallel to the valve or pipe, it’s open. When it’s perpendicular, it’s closed. This makes it easy know if a ball valve is open or closed, just by looking at it. The ball valve below is in the open position. Image of a Ball

If you have an older valve, a gate valve, please have it changed by your plumber to proceed. Plumbers will tell you that a ball valve is far superior for a water main shut off and it is an upgrade just changing the valve.

A Gate valve that is all the way open will require several turns to shut it off There is no way to tell if a gate valve is shut off by looking at it.

valve our product works with