The U by Moen is a Thermostatic Shower Valve (“Valve”) that allows you to control  your shower in three different ways including, from your smart phone App, with Alex, and from the digital controller mount inside your shower.

U by Moen allows you to start the water flowing and push the cold water out of the pipes.  Once the water at your shower reaches the temperature you have previously programmed the water pauses and you get a notification that your shower is ready.

The App allows each family member to have their own program based on personal preference.

U By Moen Thermostatic Shower Valve and the controller are serving the same purpose as your older shower valve with the valve being mounted in the wall and the controls, which are metal or plastic handles that you move or turn to adjust temperature and water flow.

U By Moen replaces these with a new valve and an electronic controller that can be accessed you phone, Alexa or inside the shower.

It is always easier to install a bathroom fixture during new construction or a remodel project and in these instances, you would likely install the valve behind the shower wall.

Moen has taken a step to make a retrofit possible in many situations without damaging the wall or tile. The valve and Controller are connected by a data cable that is 30 feet long.  This means that the valve can be installed up to 30 feet away from the shower which allows you some flexibility. For example, if there is a basement under the bathroom you can install the valve there.  Perhaps there is a closet or cabinet near the shower. You have a 30-foot giving you options.  Fishing the small data cable from the valve to the controller will generally not be a problem.

There are Two different models of the Digital Thermostatic Shower Valve

Model: S3102 is a two-outlet valve model.  If your shower includes one shower head and one handheld unit then the  model is right for you.


Model# TS3302TB is the controller in Terra Beige for the U by MOEN 2-Outlet Digital Shower

Moen U Model S3102 is a two-outlet valve model
Moen U rwo outlet controller

Model: S3104 is a four-outlet valve model.  If you shower includes more several spray devices such as two shower heads, some body sprays, or perhaps one of more handheld units then you’ll need this four-outlet unit.

Model# TS3304TB is the controller in Terra Beige for the U by MOEN 4-Outlet Digital Shower

four outlet valve model for smart shower
smart thermostat model TS3304TB the controller in Terra Beige

Moen includes the power supply when you buy the valve which can be plugged into a standard GFCI outlet.

Moen also offers an optional battery backup kit so you can still use the shower if the power goes out. Model number 179573


moen battery backup

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